Pseudo Scholars

Why Podcast?

LEARN: In 2017, you don't need a fancy degree from a fancy school to get educated. Technology has changed everything. And in the era of tweets and headlines, we take a different approach. We go deep.

COLLABORATE: We are brothers and best friends. This project gives us the chance to work together despite being separated by thousands of miles.

INSPIRE: We hope our audience comes away from every episode informed, stimulated, and inspired.

Meet the Hosts

We believe that science isn't just for scientists. Science is for anyone with integrity who honestly wants to understand the world. We're competitive as hell and obsessed with getting to the truth.

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Host (The Atheist)

A former Marine Infantry Platoon Commander and Silicon Valley techie. Shane is now the Director of a software startup called Fetcher. He's a full-time digital nomad currently living in Budapest with his wife. Shane loves surfing, jiu-jitsu, and sci-fi novels

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Co-Host (The Christian)

An Economist by trade, Cade was your prototypical 4.0 student and well-rounded athlete. He has spent his professional career in the oil and gas industry with startups and global 500 companies. He lives with his wife in Houston, Texas.